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Mike Steranka
Mike Steranka, a Top Annuity Producer & Co-Author Of The EMyth Financial Advisor

Michael Steranka is one of the top Annuity Producers each year since 2009. He has produced over $300M in annuity and life production and has averaged over $35M in annual annuity production each year since 2006.*

Imagine what you could accomplish with a $300M producer by your side every day for the next year?

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There are plenty of mega-producers out there who are sharing their “secrets” to reaching and staying at the top. The problem is they never truly reveal exactly what they do – day in and day out – so you can replicate their level of success.

What if you could actually see what a mega-producer does during a typical day? Or, even better, what if you had a cheat sheet to mimic their very steps?

Now, for the first time ever, Mike Steranka, co-author of The E-Myth Financial Advisor has made such a tool available. It’s called the Daily Practice Building Guide, and it is essentially Mike him­self personally walking you through 365 individual days, one at a time, to truly structure a world-class financial firm.

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And after your 14-Day Trial, if you decide to continue with the Complete Master Course, you’ll also get:

  • Practice Building Guide
  • Daily Opportunity Guide Workbook
  • Plus an Appendix chock-full of extras

“Michael Steranka has outlined how to systematize your planning practice. This is a must read for all Advisors looking  to grow their practice!” – ED SLOTT, CPA, founder, IRAhelp.com.

Mike – Wow. I’ve been busy planting seeds with your system and have had a lot of appointments. Yesterday was set up to be my first Million dollar day…. – Derek O., Alpine, UT

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