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Mike Steranka
Mike Steranka, a Top Annuity Producer & Co-Author Of The EMyth Financial Advisor

Michael Steranka is one of the top Annuity Producers each year since 2009. He has produced over $300M in annuity and life production and has averaged over $35M in annual annuity production each year since 2006.*

image001.png@01D15E86.F07A71C0Here’s what you’ll get with Mike’s Daily Practice Building Program:

  • More referrals
  • More clients
  • Bigger sales
  • Clarity in your vision and thought
  • Practical hands-on actions you can implement today!
  • Understanding your profitability
  • Improvement in every facet of your company
  • Thinking Big & Getting Your Passion Back

“Michael Steranka has outlined how to systematize your planning practice. This is a must  for all Advisors looking  to grow their practice!” – ED SLOTT, CPA, founder,

Mike – Wow. I’ve been busy planting seeds with your system and have had a lot of appointments. Yesterday was set up to be my first Million dollar day…. – Derek O., Alpine, UT

My production per month has more than doubled since I started doing seminars and using the income software back in May. I’m now producing 2M per month”. A.H.

Bonus When You Act Today:

Get Free Access to Retire Now Custom Retirement Scenario Software

The Software is normally $2,995/year, but as a monthly Practice Building Program Member, you get access to it FREE, for as long as you are in the program. Mike’s proprietary software easily creates and illustrates customized retirement scenarios as your client prospect watches, absorbs—and comes to an easy decision.

The Retire Now Software dramatically increases closing rates! With this software, you’ll never feel like you’re selling products again.

What it solves like no other software:

• Shows prospects the income cliff that happens when one spouse passes away.
• When to use your IRA Assets.
• How to best use Life Insurance.
• Laddering assets for safety.
And more…

“I HAD to fill you guys in on what’s going on here… today, thanks to your systems and software, we wrote our biggest case in the 31 year history of our company – $1,250,000. Thanks again for everything… ” C.B.

Because Mike uses systems and procedures he was able to document over a multi-year time period each of the steps you would need to take in order to have a thriving financial planning practice.

Now, you can still reach out to Mike and hire him directly but he usually charges upwards of $20,000 for a single day consult. You could write him a check for $100,000 and speak to him several times over a one year time period.

You could schedule a one-hour phone consult for $2,500 that you schedule several weeks in advance.

Or you could simply sign up and get daily coaching from Mike and actual steps you need to take each and every work day over the next year.

*airfare and hotel accommodations are not covered and you may make use of our special block pricing for hotel stay. 

PLUS, when you subscribe to the Daily Practice Building Program, you get to attend an in-person coaching session AT NO ADDITIONAL COST*


You’ll get  an invitation to join Mike and others for a live coaching session at his offices in MD or Florida… and when you do, you’ll get:

  • Special unannounced gifts from Mike from his personal goodie bag
  • Ability to gain access to Mike’s Top Secret material at steep discounts
  • Ability to gain invite to off-site coaching mini-trips with 20 to 30 other large producers at 5 star resorts around the USA if you choose to join his FMO
  • Mike’s Referral Talk scripted and performed live
  • Mike’s Sales Talk scripted and performed live
  • Attendee Bonus Gift #1 – autographed copy of E Myth Financial Advisor
  • Attendee Month 2 Bonus Gift #2– autographed copy of Retire Now
  • Attendee Month 2 Bonus Gift #3– autographed copy of The Referral King

Start Mike’s 12-Month Practice Building Program
for $99/month… Act Today for $49/month!

Imagine what you would accomplish following a mega-producer’s top money-making secrets…

Discover how Mike writes $30,000,000 a year each year for well over a decade and works such few days?

  • How and why he refuses to work Fridays!
  • Why you should never work on a weekend, with one exception!
  • How your average ticket can increase to $200,000
  • Why Mike’s average ticket is $500,000
  • How you can literally systematize your business
  • The benefits of working on your business instead of in it
  • How you can potentially reach unheard of profitability

Start Your Day With an Industry Superstar!

Mike Steranka is no ordinary life insurance professional. He has personally sold hundreds of millions in indexed annuities and has literally written the book for the industry called The E Myth for Financial Advisors (Why Most Financial Advisory Firms Don’t Work and What to Do About it) with world renowned author Michael E. Gerber.

Mike has written several other best in practice books such as Retire Now and The Referral King. He has coached dozens of the top annuity producers in the United States and charged each of them between $10,000 and $20,000. Currently he recruits over 60 producers a month in his FMO called First Income Advisors with his partner, industry expert Brian Gengler.

This program is like no other that has ever been offered. Anywhere or anytime.

Now the co-author of the E Myth for Financial Advisors releases his daily scripts for success. All the systems and procedures used in his practice in painstaking detail, with a daily guide walking through the opportunity that is waiting in your practice.

Have Mike Steranka share with you his vision that has allowed scores of advisors to replicate his success. Be told exactly where you need to improve and be guided into that improvement.

It’s a small price to pay but the benefits are priceless!

Start Mike’s 12-Month Practice Building Program for $99/month
Act Today for $49/month

Act Now and for just $1.50 a day you can be guided by one of the very best ever...

When you enroll, you’ll get:

  • Daily Practice Building strategy emailed to you, with samples, templates and worksheets to download, bonus videos from Mike, weekend lifestyle advice, and much, much more….
  • Monthly access to Mike’s exclusive Retire Now Software.
  • The opportunity to attend a live coaching session in MD or FL.

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