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The Prospect Seminar Marketing System

The one system that out-produces every other marketing method we’ve tried: Preview seminars to qualified prospects. I’ve honed and perfected every aspect of doing seminars from how I fill the room… to the script I use to deliver the presentation… to the PowerPoint slides I’ve created…

Hold a seminar every month, and sign multiple clients with the strategies I’ll give you in my proven system that simplifies the process of booking appointments with qualified (and interested) prospects.

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Custom Retirement
Scenario Software

Never sell products again!
Software that easily creates and illustrates detailed customized retirement scenarios as your prospect watches, absorbs—and comes to a decision.

What it solves like no other software:

• Shows the income cliff that happens when one spouse passes away.
• When to use your IRA Assets.
• How to best use Life Insurance.
• Laddering assets for safety.
And more…

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 Referral King Steranka

The Referral King System

Referrals are the easiest and best marketing ROI you will ever get. My referral system that has generated $7-14 million in referrals each year for me. Harness the Word-of-Mouth Dynamic.

The average advisor I work with can quickly pick up 50 to 75 new clients just from referrals, when combined with a solid marketing strategy. Discover how to identify, approach and close more clients through a well-designed, well-executed referral program… as well as how to create a successful campaign.

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Retire Now Kits

Retire Now Kits

“Retire Now” kits are a comprehensive approach that gets you in front of prospects eager to learn more…

Converts attendees into clients through my participant gift that I developed. It includes a book called ‘Retire Now’, plus a personal-finance assessment workbook, all contained in a handsome folder. The materials also do not recommend or promote any specific investment products or company — making them usable no matter what your investment offerings.

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Also Available: Customized Referral Guide, Mini-book and Banners.. Click here for details.


First Income Advisors

Get the Key Elements of My Sales System…FREE!

Get personalized service each step of the way and the resources you need to succeed…

First Income Advisors is one of the first marketing organizations created for advisors, by advisors. We are completely focused on providing value to our partners by giving them systems that will help them see more qualified prospects every day.

As experienced advisors, we’ve spent years developing lead-generation and conversion systems that work. In fact, over the last seven years, these systems have generated more than $200 million of personal production, and on average, doubled the annual production of advisors.


By joining First Income Advisors you get the best strategies, tools and techniques, AND the personal attention and accountability you need to make sure you achieve the outcomes you desire.

The coaching program is focused on prospecting, marketing, building an office and selling techniques. We believe this value will be well received by the independent advisor and create a relationship that is not based on commission sharing, but rather, adding true value to the advisor’s practice.

As part of my unique Private Financial Advisory Business Growth System program, we’ll personally guide you—in a weekend session held quarterly—through establishing proven systems in your financial advisory practice via a series of strategic advisory sessions and comprehensive business-development materials I’ll send.

The private coaching opportunity within my FMO will guide you to the real potential you have within you practice… we will get you started off on the right path—filling the prospect pipeline, closing prospects into eager new clients and experiencing referrals on a massive scale.

Call 888-556-1379 to find out how you can be part of this profitable program.

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