Our FMO Advisors Sales System Gives You Proven Steps for Finding Qualified Prospects… Getting Appointments… Then Converting Them Into Enthusiastic Clients Who Will Refer Others to Your Financial Advisory Business.

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Dear Fellow Financial Advisor,

It doesn’t matter whether your market is large or small… whether you have hundreds of existing clients or just a few dozen… or even whether you’re well established or brand new to the industry – there are sales and marketing systems you can use to recruit qualified client prospects, convert them into enthusiastic new clients and convince them to refer others to your financial advisory business.

Think it’s not possible?

Well, over the past six years alone, I’ve used these proven systems in my practice to generate more than $30 million a year in production ($200+ million to date) and live an enviable lifestyle while my business runs like clockwork.

You may have read about these systems in the book I wrote with business guru Michael E. Gerber, The Emyth Financial Advisor.

Once you read the information below, you’ll discover that the truly successful financial advisors use simple, yet highly effective marketing strategies to bring hundreds of qualified prospects into their practice – then they use even more effective closing techniques to convince those prospects to become clients. These are not the hard-sell closing steps you’ve heard of, by the way – but rather, sophisticated illustrative software that makes an overwhelming case for investing in products that will secure the prospect’s future income.

It’s probably no secret to you that some financial advisors simply make more money than other advisors do.

These elite producers see more prospects, write more business, get more referrals, and—as a result—enjoy the lifestyle and leisure time that a successful financial advisory business can provide.

The vast majority of other financial advisors out there—by contrast—often struggle just to get by.

They worry about cash-flow, marketing, and meeting their quotas. They experience challenges in hiring, managing and paying their staff. They don’t see enough prospects, can’t convince prospects to make a decision, and often lose clients on a long-term basis to other investment counselors.

It’s not a lack of talent, the current recession, or a lousy market area that holds them back from succeeding. It’s simply that they’ve never been exposed to the systems and strategies that successful producers use—nor have they ever had someone walk them through how to implement these systems and strategies in their business.

Does this scenario describe you?

If so, you should know that there are effective methods for recruiting prospective clients—as well as proven marketing campaigns, appointment scripts and illustrative sales tools that work extremely well. But without them, you’re likely missing out on success your practice has to offer you.

What kinds of campaigns and tools do I use in my business, for example?

Campaigns That Bring in Serious, Qualified, Action-Oriented Prospects Who Quickly Make Decisions…

Long ago in my business, I discovered two methods that produced substantially more prospects than any other methods I was using at the time: Direct Mail and Seminars. But before you say, “We’ve already tried that,” let me describe what we do with these two methods that’s different from virtually every other financial advisory practice out there.

1. We Educate. Extensively.


We use direct mail and seminars to educate prospects to the potential future income that’s available to them versus other retirement alternatives they might choose. We compare their options, inform them of new investment strategies, make sure they now about current regulations, present authoritative facts and data like the experts we are – and only then do we ask them to take action on what they’ve learned from us.

Compare that with the “typical” marketing campaigns you’ve seen where the letter, brochure, postcard or newspaper advertisement is all about the qualifications and background of the financial advisor. Such pieces typically include a picture of impressive offices, the friendly staff – or even worse – a pleasing photo of a happily retired couple enjoying life in an exotic locale.

Decades of market-testing has proven that this kind of “here’s-all-about-me” advertising simply doesn’t work. It fails to engage the reader with information that’s of interest to them… or help them envision their own future once they’re working with you… or even reveal the benefits of calling you and setting up an appointment. Far more difficult is trying to use these ads to recruit prospects away from their current advisor or broker.

That’s why we use a PROVEN technique called “pre-emptive advertising.” In simple language, our direct-mail pieces speak directly to the needs, wants, fears and goals of the reader – leaving our own credentials until later. Pre-emptive advertising explains the process and spells out the benefits, making us look more authoritative and trustworthy than other advisors in town simply because we’ve imparted real information when others have not.

These direct mail campaigns have worked for us again and again. And in just a moment, I’ll give YOU an opportunity to get this unique form of direct mail working in your practice. In fact, I’ll send you the actual campaigns with complete instructions! I’ve even set up the printing, list selection and mailing for you. (Best of all, you’ll get access to our turn-key direct mail program.)

2. Seminars as a new-lead generator.

teachingThe second part is informative free seminars we hold several times a year that let us spend two full hours educating potential prospects about their options and how we can do business together.

Seminars are actually the one strategy we use that out-produces every other marketing or advertising method we’ve tested.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve honed and perfected every aspect of doing seminars from how I fill the room… the mail piece and strategy to finding prospects… to the script I use to deliver the presentation… to the PowerPoint slides I’ve created… even down to the lobby posters and back-of-the-room staff procedures!

And the results this seminar package deliver, well… not only does my business typically see dozens of attendees at these events, the appointments we set and the new clients we sign from seminars contribute to about $3 million a month in total production on average.

You, too, could be giving seminars like these to achieve more appointments and close more prospects than your practice has ever seen. My Complete Sales System includes an entire turn-key marketing, appointment and referral system that you, too, can use to build your financial advisory business.

3. The third part of our three-prong client recruitment formula is huge.

Our Unique and Proprietary Modeling Software That Produces Customized Scenarios That Close the Sale…

softwareOnce our marketing campaigns, seminars and direct-mail pieces generate appointments, we have an entire formula for converting those prospects into clients. At the heart of this formula is our exclusive and proprietary modeling software that lets us produce customized retirement-income scenarios for presentation in sales meetings with prospective clients. We can even revise these illustrative scenarios in the blink of an eye—while the client watches with interest!

Imagine having your own copy of this needs-based planning software that allows you to quickly prepare multiple scenarios in alignment with the initial prospect presentation… helping you increase closing rates dramatically. The scenarios align with the concepts of annuity/ insurance and investment vehicles, by the way—not products.

Would You Like to Have a Financial Advisory Business Built on These Systems,
Versus a Practice That Requires Long Hours and Constant Attention From You?

Some time ago I started working privately with a handful of financial advisors who had heard about my systems and wanted “coaching” in how to replicate these systems in their own practice.

I knew these systems were powerful, but even I didn’t expect the immediate and astounding results they produced in practices across the country. Even more astounding is the fact that NONE of these students were even using the proprietary software yet or our newly upgraded seminar program!

Yet they still re-energized their businesses and started signing new clients like crazy.

By using Mike’s proprietary marketing methods we were able to have resulted in 2.7 million of assets….both FIA’s and Managed accounts. We are extremely grateful and humbled by Mike’s coaching and the your staff’s willingness to work with us.
William, Wall, NJ

Mike – Wow. I’ve been busy planting seeds with your system and have had a lot of appointments. Yesterday was set up to be my first Million dollar day….
, Alpine, UT

These results got me thinking: What could other advisors do with these materials? Though I initially sent these advisors my marketing and seminar materials informally, these success stories inspired me to package up my systems in an organized way.

And I’ve decided to release these materials to advisors like you who want to build their financial advisory business in a whole new way… through my new FMO – First Income Advisors.

What Kinds of Proven Steps Will You Receive When
You Join My FMO, First Income Advisors?

systemsYou’ll learn how to implement easy-to-use marketing campaigns… hold seminars with confidence… utilize powerful appointment software—then regularly, methodically and dependably achieve qualified referrals from the enthusiastic clients these proven systems produce.

You’ll also get access to my team of advisor coaches, who will guide you through the steps of building your business.

In other words, they rarely execute the profit-producing information that’s sitting right under their nose.

First Income Advisors Provides You with the
Tools to Help You Focus With Laser-Like Precision on
Growing Your Financial Advisory Business With Qualified New Clients


Mike SterankaIf you’ve “tried” marketing and business growth ideas before and they didn’t work, I can tell you that most information out there about how to grow a business isn’t customized for our industry—and can often be in conflict with regulations that govern financial advisory services.

And, all you need to do is fill out the form on this page now to qualify and begin growing your financial advisory business today!


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The blueprint for building a highly-successful financial services practice.
Join my FMO and discover how to systematize your business for growth and profit.

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Here’s How To Get the Key Elements of
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Plus, get personalized guidance each step of the way…

First Income Advisors is one of the first marketing organizations created for advisors, by advisors. We are completely focused on providing value to our partners by giving them systems that will help them see more qualified prospects every day.

As experienced advisors, we’ve spent years developing lead-generation and conversion systems that work. In fact, over the last seven years, these systems have generated more than $200 million of personal production, and on average, doubled the annual production of advisors.


By joining First Income Advisors you get the best strategies, tools and techniques, AND the personal attention and accountability you need to make sure you achieve the outcomes you desire.

The coaching program is focused on prospecting, marketing, building an office and selling techniques. We believe this value will be well received by the independent advisor and create a relationship that is not based on commission sharing, but rather, adding true value to the advisor’s practice.

As part of my unique Private Financial Advisory Business Growth System program, we’ll personally guide you—in a weekend session held quarterly—through establishing proven systems in your financial advisory practice via a series of strategic advisory sessions and comprehensive business-development materials I’ll send.

The private coaching opportunity within my FMO will guide you to the real potential you have within you practice… we will get you started off on the right path—filling the prospect pipeline, closing prospects into eager new clients and experiencing referrals on a massive scale.

Call 888-556-1379 to find out how you can be part of this profitable program.

*Earnings Disclaimer: There is no promise or representation that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money, or not lose money, as a result of using our products and services. Any earnings, revenue, or income statements are strictly estimates. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels for yourself. As with any business, your results will vary and will be based on your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, capabilities, level of desire, and an infinite number of variables beyond our control, including variables we or you have not anticipated. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. Each person’s results will vary.