Overcome The #1 Problem
Financial Advisors Face…

Create a Steady Stream of Prospects and Increase
Your Appointment Closing Rate by as Much as 30%.

Dear Fellow Financial Advisor,

Retirement planning services should be all the rage these days. With Social Security teetering on the brink of insolvency… money-market rates at historic lows… and insecurity all around us, prudent investors should be taking steps to secure their future today.

But persuading them to sit down and put the effort into their retirement plans isn’t always easy. In fact, finding prospects who are ready to take action is the #1 challenge of financial advisors.

You need a laser-focused method for finding prospects–one that overcomes the highly competitive nature of our business while it also prevents you from draining your limited marketing resources.

That’s why I’d like to share with you my powerful client-prospecting system—and provide you with every tool you’ll need to build a pipeline of prospects. I want to help free up your time to focus on what you do best… providing quality advisory services.

As we all know, retirement planning is not always at the top of a prospect’s priority list. It’s your job to educate them on why NOW is the best time to put their retirement plans in place.

The best prospects are well-informed prospects. By the time they sit down with you for their initial appointment, they should already know the reasons why they need to quickly make investment decisions. But preparing for this outcome is not always easy when you are limited to doing cold calls on the telephone.

That’s why I developed a proven strategy to simplify the process of booking hundreds of appointments with qualified (and interested) prospects—a process that allows me to focus on expanding my business week after week! In the book I coauthored with Michael Gerber, The E-Myth Financial Advisor, I not only detail the need for a prospecting system like this one, I provide every other step needed to systematize your business and ready your practice for growth.

What’s the most important system I use in MY financial advisory business?

The ‘Retire Now’ seminar-marketing formula uses an informative PowerPoint presentation, participant kit with workbook, and the Guide to Social Security. (As a  Seminar System buyer, you can get access to the kits.)

The ‘Retire Now’ Seminar Marketing Package

Conducting preview seminars for qualified prospects is the one strategy I use that out-produces every other marketing or advertising method.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve honed and perfected every aspect of doing seminars from how I fill the room… to the script I use to deliver the presentation… to the PowerPoint slides I’ve created… even down to the lobby posters and back-of-the-room staff procedures!

I have created and tested a comprehensive approach that gets you in front of prospects eager to learn more, as well as an approach that simplifies the wide array of investment vehicles available.

After nearly two decades in the financial advisory field, I have faced the challenge of finding new business time and time again. Once I systematized my lead generation, my business became effortless.

Now I want to make this powerful method available to you. In fact, I’d like to “hand over” the entire system
for you to use on a renewable-license basis.

The ‘Retire Now’ Seminar Marketing Package gives you all of the tools:

  • Marketing material to fill your retirement seminars. You’ll receive an impressive archive of marketing materials, advertisements and other collateral to fill the room. You get the advertisement templates and email scripts—as well as my marketing approach to filling the room with prospects wanting to know more.
  • My complete seminar presentation. A licensed package of my seminar presentation, facilitator’s notes and PowerPoint slides. The presentation takes participants through the investment concepts that make your presentation much more effective. I’ve used this same presentation hundreds of times and it produces optimal results.
  • Case studies that your audience can relate to. The PowerPoint presentation contains three real-life case studies (across multiple slides) that are relevant, instructional and aspirational.
  • All materials are carefully written to avoid mentioning securities… so you do not have to be securities-licensed to deliver the seminar presentation. The compelling marketing materials also do not recommend or promote any specific investment products or company — making them usable no matter what your investment offerings.
  • A complete system of seminar registration forms, email reminders, and back-of-room appointment setting scripts to provide you with all the materials needed to create a professional and organized appearance. I’ve also included PDF artwork files for lobby posters and in-room signage that your staff can easily have printed.

Turbo-Charge Your Client Recruitment Results With My ‘Retire Now’ Package

The one element I’ve found that really converts attendees into clients is a participant gift I developed that includes the Guide to Social Security, plus a personal-finance assessment workbook, all contained in a handsome gold-emblazened folder.

Just mentioning this valuable gift in our advertising helps brings in qualified attendees, as well as a leave-behind tool that converts them into first appointments with ease.

And the results this seminar package and ‘Retire Now‘ kits produce, well… not only does my business typically see dozens of attendees at these events, the appointments we set and the new clients we sign from seminars contribute to about $3 million a month in total production on average.

When you purchase the ‘Retire Now’ Seminar Marketing Package, you are entitled to purchase an unlimited quantity of my ‘Retire Now’ participant kit.

  • The Guide to Social Security, workbooks and folders could help you significantly increase your closing ratio.
  • As a licensed Seminar System client, You can order as many kits as you’d like…

The ‘Retire Now” participant kit not only reaffirms everything your participants will hear in the seminar, it also is designed to help you in closing new business.

This seminar package is designed to pay for itself with just one new client a month!

new business

Now’s the time to systematize your prospecting and leverage your time in front of qualified and interested prospects.

Hold a seminar every month, sign multiple clients with the strategies I’ll give you, and your fee can be more than paid for out of the commissions you’ll earn from enthusiastic new clients.

All told, the comprehensive coaching program and impressive seminar package could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in additional commissions and renewal income to you.

The Seminar System is only $1,295 for a yearly license.

To find out for yourself what your results could be, click here to become a registered user of the ‘Retire Now” Seminar Marketing System. Once you do, you’ll receive a complete package of the marketing materials, as well as all of the steps you need to start filling your seminars right away.


Call 1-888-556-1379 and see how joining my FMO will get you free access to this tool.

Begin growing your financial advisory business today!


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